Mind-bending optical illusion dubbed ‘Super illusion brothers’ will have your head spinning


THIS mind-blowing optical illusion will leave your head spinning about what you think you’re seeing.

The animation – dubbed ‘Super illusion brothers’ by its maker– appears to show figures jumping off a moving stairs right then running.

The gif appears to show lots of little figures running


The gif appears to show lots of little figures running Credit: twitter

But in fact they’re stationary – it’s the constantly changing colour that’s telling your brain they’re moving.

It takes a while to get your head around the brain tricking gif, created by Japanese Twitter user and optical illusion genius @jagarikin.

They’ve used what’s known as the ‘reverse-phi illusion’ which revolves around how our eye sees light and dark colours. 

According to Stanford University: “If a bright point appears at one position, and then reappears at a position shifted to the right, we tend to see a single object moving left to right.’

“It’s a basic effect, and one that underlies the apparently fluid motions we see in movies and animations.”

It's just the changing colours that gives the illusion the figures are moving


It’s just the changing colours that gives the illusion the figures are movingCredit: twitter

Earlier this year they blew the mind of fellow Twitter users with a gif of flashing stationary cubes that look like they’re moving even though they’re not.

Perhaps the most famous optical illusions of modern times was ‘the dress’.

Twitter users were sent into a frenzy when a woman posted a photo of this dress online.

Friends, families and colleagues were divided into two camps, those who thought the dress was black and blue and those who saw it as white and gold.

But what colour actually is the dress? For anyone who saw the dress as blue and black, you were correct.

Other fiendish this optical illusions tricks you into seeing black and white picture in colour.

This one tricks you into seeing a brunette woman on the wall.

And, a nauseating optical illusion that’s fittingly been dubbed ‘Chunder Thunder’ has been confusing viewers.

The science behind optical illusions

  • Optical illusions make a little bit more sense when you learn that our eyes have very little to do with what we see and it is our brains that play the key role in creating images and trying to protect us from the potential threats around us
  • Our brain is constantly trying to make sense of the world at the quickest pace it can despite the world being in 3D and the images on our retinas being in 2D
  • It can be really difficult for your brain to interpret everything at once so it will often take shortcuts and give you a simplified version of what you see so you can have quicker reaction times if the object you’re looking at looks dangerous
  • When you look at an object what you’re really seeing is the light that bounced off of it and entered your eye, which is converted into electrical impulses that your brain then turns into an image
  • Our brains can warp straight lines if an object in the middle of them looks like it’s drawing closer as it wants to emphasize the potential threat
  • Different colours and light and dark can make the same sized objects look different or make patterned images look like they’re spinning