Mike Lindell Completely Loses It When Asked To Name The Lawyers Behind Trump Martial Law Papers


Mike Lindell was asked to name the lawyers who drafted the martial law papers he carried into a meeting with Trump, and he responded with a meltdown.


CBS News’s Robert Costa asked Lindell to name the lawyers who drafted the martial law documents.

Lindell responded, “Traitor, traitor, traitor! CBS. Robert Costa is a traitor to the United States of America. No, this old news. You regurgitate. Why do you protect a company called Dominion and you attack a company called MyPillow? You’re a traitor to our country. You’re a disgusting traitor.”

More chants of traitor ensued.

Lindell went on to call CBS one step above Fox.

Costa, to his credit, kept trying to ask the question. Lindell continued to call him disgusting then asked if he was a communist before walking away.

Mike Lindell is in a lot of trouble, and I am sure that Dominion’s lawyers will love their client being mentioned in the video clip.

Lindell’s attack on Costa was one of the most transparent authoritarian strikes on press freedom that one will see.

Mike Lindell did have a meltdown. His company is probably going to be owned by Dominion someday. The real traitor here was Lindell, who definitely did not want to talk about Trump’s coup or the plan for martial law to keep Trump in power.

There was a traitor in the video, and his name was Mike Lindell.

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