Mike Flynn Is Trying To Get A Restraining Order Against Pelosi To Block 1/6 Subpoenas


Mike Flynn thinks that he can block 1/6 subpoenas by getting a restraining order against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Flynn has filed for a restraining order:


Nancy Pelosi isn’t on the 1/6 Committee. Speaker Pelosi is not issuing subpoenas. The 1/6 Committee was created by an act of Congress. The courts have ruled that the Committee was created legitimately. Mike Flynn also filed for a restraining order against Nancy Pelosi in a court with no jurisdiction.

Flynn could get a restraining order against Pelosi so that if she ever came to central Florida, she could not have contact with him, but that’s not what Mike Flynn was going for.

I don’t think a restraining order does what Mike Flynn thinks it does.

Trump’s coup co-conspirators have filed lawsuits to block 1/6 Committee subpoenas that all contain a similar version of the already rejected argument that the Committee is not legitimate.

Mike Flynn has taken it to a different and very weird place by trying to file a restraining order against Speaker Pelosi.

The restraining order won’t work, and eventually, the 1/6 Committee will get the documents they want.

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