Mexico fumes over labor enforcement details in trade bill

Mexico fumes over labor enforcement details in trade bill

On Sunday, renowned trade negotiator of Mexico came back to Washington in order to show his anger over the language used in the United States bill for implementing the North American (NA) trade pact, possibly complicating plans of the House to approve USMCA.

Mexico wasn’t consulted for inclusion of the language in implementing the new bill which would let the Trump admin to deploy diplomats for Mexico to ensure that the nation is able to uphold labor standards, said Mexico’s under-secretary for NA, Jesus Seade on Saturday.

These provisions made in the United States deal to implement the NA trade deal are redundant and unnecessary, said Seade at a media conference held in Mexico.

Seade’s office gave confirmation stating that he’s scheduled to have a meeting with Robert Lighthizer, the US trade rep on Monday. He would also meet Democratic lawmakers in order to hold discussions on the issue.

Seade sent a letter to Lighthizer before his trip, threatening that Mexico shall analyse its choices to build reciprocal techniques to defend the interests of the country.

At the media conference, Seade said that the provisions have an effect on Mexico and therefore they should’ve been consulted and made aware about this.


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