Mark Meadows And Rudy Giuliani Are Going To Need Criminal Defense Lawyers


The 1/6 Committee report contains evidence detailing the direct involvement of Mark Meadows and Rudy Giuliani in the fake elector scheme. According to Andrew Weissmann, the two are going to need good counsel.

Video of Weissmann on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

Weissmann said, “This report both helps in terms of public acceptance but it also lays out so much evidence and so the department is going to be poring through this. People like Mark Meadows and Rudy Giuliani have to be reading chapter three about the fake electors and be thinking I really need good counsel because there’s so much proof about their involvement in the situation.”

Giuliani’s involvement in the fake elector scheme is well known, but chapter 3.2 of the 1/6 Committee report details that Meadows worked on the plot daily:

In early December, the highest levels of the Trump Campaign took note of Chesebro’s fake elector plan and began to operationalize it. On December 6th, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows forwarded a copy of Chesebro’s November 18, 2020, memo to Trump Campaign Senior Advisor Jason Miller writing, “Let’s have a discussion about this tomorrow.”25Miller replied that he just engaged with reporters on the subject, to which Meadows wrote: “If you are on it then never mind the meeting. We just need to have someone coordinating the electors for states.”

Miller clarified that he had only been “working the PR angle” and they should still meet, to which Meadows answered: “Got it.”

Later that week, Miller sent Meadows a spreadsheet that the Trump Campaign had compiled. It listed contact information for nearly all of the 79 GOP nominees to the electoral college on the November ballot for Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

And on December 8th, Meadows received a text message from a former State legislator in Louisiana recommending that the proposed “Trump electors from AR [sic] MI GA PA WI NV all meet next Monday at their state capitols[,] [c]all themselves to order, elect officers, and cast their votes for the President…. Then they certify their votes and transmit that certificate to Washington.”

Meadows replied: “We are.”

Cassidy Hutchinson, a Special Assistant to the President and an assistant to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, confirmed Meadows’s significant involvement in the plan. Hutchinson told the Select Committee that Meadows followed the progress of the fake elector effort closely and that she “remember[ed] him frequently having calls, meetings, and outreach with individuals and this just being a prominent topic of discussion in our office.” When asked how many of his calls or meetings it came up in, she estimated “[d]ozens.”

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Mark Meadows better get the best criminal defense lawyer that money can buy because the evidence in the 1/6 Committee report makes a clear case for criminally charging Meadows in the scheme.

The fake elector plot was being run out of the White House.

If the DOJ is going to charge Trump and members of his circle with any 1/6 crimes, the odds are good that the charges will be related to the fake elector scheme.

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