Marjorie Taylor Greene Melts Down Over Lawsuit To Kick Her Off Of The Ballot


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) raged during an interview about having to defend herself against a lawsuit to potentially remove her from the ballot.

Video of Greene:

Greene said, “Here in the state of Georgia, my case right now is in the administrative law court, and they are actually putting me on the witness stand on Friday. I am the first Republican member of Congress that is going to be forced to take the witness stand under oath and defend myself against a lie and something I never did, and so this is a precedence, a very dangerous precedence. I cannot believe that I am being forced to do this. I cannot believe that the judge has not thrown this case out and seen it for what it is. It’s nothing but a big funded scam for the Democrats trying to control our elections.”

Coup plotters have named Greene as a co-conspirator.

The lawsuit against Greene is moving forward because her own words admitting support for the insurrection are powerful evidence against her. Greene has provided and continues to provide support to the insurrection and the insurrectionists. Greene admitted that she was working to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power.

The lawsuit isn’t based on lies or a Democratic plot. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s own words and actions are evidence of her unfitness for office and the need to disqualify her from the ballot for the good of democracy.

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