Marjorie Taylor Greene Doesn’t Deny Advocating For Trump To Impose Martial Law


Under oath, Marjorie Taylor Greene agreed that she doesn’t deny that she advocated for Trump to impose martial law.

Video of Greene:

Greene was asked, “Ms. Greene, did you advocate for President Trump to impose martial law as a way to remain in power?”

She answered, “ I don’t recall.”

Green was asked if she remembered, “So you are not denying you did it, you just don’t remember?”

 Greene said, “I don’t remember.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene may need a memory test because most of her answers during her testimony have consisted of some version of I don’t recall or I don’t remember.

Greene clearly does remember, but she is trying to stay on the ballot and also not say anything that could be used against her criminally.

Innocent people tend to remember what happened. They don’t pepper their answers to every question with I don’t recall or I don’t remember.

Marjorie Taylor Greene sells herself as an outspoken “patriot” who isn’t afraid of anyone, but when she is placed under oath, suddenly her memory gets fuzzy and she can’t remember anything.

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