Marjorie Taylor Greene Buys Kevin McCarthy’s Used Chapstick For $100,000


Just when you thought Republicans could not get any weirder, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene paid $100,000 for some used Chapstick and dinner with Kevin McCarthy.

Politico reported because this obviously the most important news involving Republicans that is going on today:

House Republicans are bidding for steep spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. First, though, they paused during their private weekly meeting on Tuesday to bid for something else: Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s used chapstick.

The fundraising auction of McCarthy’s used cherry lip balm ended when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) placed a winning $100,000 bid, as confirmed by her spokesperson. She only began bidding after the California Republican chose to sweeten the deal: He agreed to attend a dinner with the winner and whichever donors and supporters they planned to bring along. That cash is headed for the House GOP campaign arm.

The most defining characteristic of Kevin Mccarthy that they could think of to motivate people to bid was dry lips. The only question now is which white supremacists will Rep. Greene choose to bring to dinner with her?  Maybe Speaker McCarthy can pose for pictures with dudes who have Nazi tattoos?

With each passing day, the Republican Party gets more bizarre. What’s next? Is McCarthy going to auction off some toilet paper from the bottom of his shoe? House Republicans are a strange bunch, and putting this gang into power and giving the ability to drive the economy off a cliff is a really bad idea.

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