Marjorie Taylor Greene Begs For Her Twitter Account Back So She Can Raise Money For Her Legal Defense


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) held a press conference to demand that her Twitter account be given back to her so that she can raise money for her legal defense.

Video of Greene:

After spewing some mumbo jumbo about free speech, Greene got to the real reason why she wants her account back, “I want my Twitter account back. There’s also a difference between a congressional Twitter account and my personal account. On my congressional Twitter account for all of us here, we’re not allowed to talk about our campaigns, or ask for money, say to defend ourselves in court from political attacks and things like that.”

Greene just to be all casual like needing money for her legal defense while she is facing being tossed off of the ballot was just a random example that came into her head.

Rep. Greene seems to be aware that she has a big legal problem and she needs cash, and there is no better Republican ATM than a few inflammatory tweets to get the donations pouring in.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Republicans don’t care about free speech. For them, Twitter is all about raising money.

As her legal bills pile up, Greene said the quiet part out loud.

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