Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacks Biden For Wanting To Stop Mass Shootings


After the Club Q mass shooting in Colorado Springs, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) attacked President Biden for calling for action to try to prevent future mass shootings.

Biden responded to the Club Q shootings by calling for an assault weapons ban.

Greene responded:

Rep. Greene’s solution is first to change the subject to something completely unrelated and then declare that the country needs more and easier access to guns.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has become the face of the House Republican caucus because Kevin McCarthy has enabled her. McCarthy wants to be Speaker so badly that he cut a deal with Greene. Rep. McCarthy still doesn’t have the required votes to be elected Speaker, but Marjorie Taylor Greene is running wild and acting like she speaks for the Republican Party.

Biden will keep pushing for an assault weapons ban, but it was clear through Greene’s tweets that Republicans like her believe that the country should have to live with mass shootings.

Fentanyl has never walked into a public space and killed or injured dozens of people in a few moments. It seems like the only time Republicans really care about the Fentanyl problem is when they are attempting to distract from something else.

Joe Biden is trying to save lives. Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to save gun manufacturers.

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