Marco Rubio Gaslights America By Calling Omicron A Sore Throat And Accuses COVID Patients Of Being Hysterical


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) rang in the New Year with some anti-COVID pandering as he called Omicron “a sore throat.”

Rubio tweeted:

Omicron symptoms are mild only if a person is vaccinated and boosted, like Sen. Rubio. For those who are not vaccinated, the Omicron variant can still make them very sick and land them in the hospital. There have been scattered reports of Omicron-related deaths.

Rubio’s comments were the height of irresponsibility from a public official, The people who are getting tested for COVID aren’t hysterical. They are folks who are sick or trying to avoid getting sick after potentially being exposed over the holidays.

It is easy for a fully vaccinated hypocrite like Marco Rubio to call Omicron nothing, while people are testing positive in record numbers in Florida.

Marco Rubio feels Rep, Val Demings breathing down his neck, but has taken his right-wing pandering to a new low while gaslighting America’s COVID patients.

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