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Supervisors should only delegate tasks to someone who has received the appropriate training and whom they believe is competent to perform the task. If the needs of the people you are supporting exceed the skills and/or knowledge of the staff member, you must provide additional training and assessment until competency is achieved.

What are good supervisory skills?

Top 10 supervisory skills of a good supervisor
Communication skills. A good supervisor has excellent communication skills. .
Conflict management. Conflict management skills are very important for a good supervisor. .
Critical thinking. .
Time management. .
Sense of priority. .
Sense of diversity. .
Troubleshooting. .
Interpersonal skills.

How can supervisors improve their leadership skills?

ways to develop your leadership skills
Practice discipline. A good leader needs discipline. .
Take on more projects. A great way to develop your leadership skills is to take on more responsibility. .
Learn to follow. .
Develop situational awareness. .
Inspire others. .
Keep learning. .
Strengthen your teammates. .
Resolve conflicts.

What are the 5 main elements of effective supervision?

Throughout the semester, we have compiled our own “good enough” list of clinical supervision ingredients: a list of what we consider to be the building blocks of competent and responsible supervision. We distill them into 5 basic components: support, trust, respect, time and investment.

What are the 3 qualities of a good supervisor?

Qualities of a good supervisor
Resourceful and determined.
Equally values each member of his team.
Shows respect and consideration for management and employees.
Able to give employees positive feedback and constructive criticism.
Manages conflicts in the office quickly and fairly .

What makes a supervisor successful?


Good supervisors take initiative while providing support, motivation and accountability to other team members. They have their own strong skill set and are willing to perform menial or mundane tasks to keep a program or organization running smoothly.

What Makes Supervision Effective?

Current research and practical evidence suggests that effective supervisors are those who possess the clinical and specialist knowledge necessary to assist supervisees in their work, provide emotional support, and have the qualities necessary to develop positive working relationships.

What are 6 ways to develop leadership skills?

How to improve your leadership skills?
Select one of the different types of leadership you want to pursue.
Start reading.
Join a good leadership development program.
Master your soft skills.
Set clear goals and progress.
Take responsibility and volunteer.
Network with leaders and find a mentor.

What are the 7 basic skills of a leader?

Here are seven core skills to add to your toolbox if you want to succeed as a leader.
Goal setting. The ability to set goals is one of the essential skills of an effective leader. .
Delegation. .
Decision making. .
Communications. .
Time management. .
Troubleshooting. .
Building relationships.

What is the most important role of a supervisor?

The general function of the supervisor is to communicate the needs of the organization, to supervise the employees
Roles and responsibilities of the supervisor: Helping people .
The functions of a supervisor include direction and leadership.
Important Duties of a Supervisor – Career Guides Glassdoor


There are three types of supervision: clinical, hierarchical and academic, which can be experienced in dance movement psychotherapy training. The first, Clinical Supervision, must provide significant and regular support to accompany students.


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