Lauren Boebert Posts Picture Of Her Kids Posing With Guns A Week After Michigan School Shooting


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is doubling down on violence even after the Michigan school shooting by posting a pic of her kids posing with guns in front of their Christmas tree.

Boebert posted:

Boebert PostedThis Picture After A 15 Year Old Shot His Fellow Students In Michigan

Images of kids with guns are especially nauseating and insensitive after four kids were killed and seven others wounded by a 15-year-old in Michigan. The parents of the shooter face involuntary manslaughter charges for their role in providing the gun and enabling their child to become a school shooter.

Given the context of recent news, Rep. Boebert is showing a complete disregard for the loss of young life and is apparently obsessed with catering to her right-wing supporters at all times.

If Speaker Pelosi needed a reminder, which she doesn’t,  of why Boebert needs to be censured and stripped of her committee assignments for calling Rep. Omar (D-MN) a terrorist, the Colorado Republican provided it.

Rep. Boebert is clearly trafficking in imagery and language that could incite violence. The domestic terrorists are literally in the House, and if voters aren’t careful, they could hand them power in 2022.

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