Lauren Boebert Melts Down On Fox News Over Being Called A Racist


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) ranted about being called a racist and a bigot while ignoring the fact that she acts like a racist and a bigot.


Boebert said, “We have been putting out information all along. We’re called names. We’re called conspiracy theorists. We’re called racists. We’re called bigots just for not going on with their agenda. They even turn on their own when they don’t fall in line with their agenda.”

Just a reminder, Boebert was called a bigot for calling Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) a terrorist because she is Muslim. 

Boebert is also a QAnon follower and has never met a right-wing conspiracy theory that she didn’t like.

These are Boebert’s own words that make her a racist and a bigot who loves conspiracy theories.

The best to not be called a racist bigot is to not act like a racist bigot. Boebert’s Fox News appearance was right-wing white victimization politics at its worst.

Rep. Boebert was playing to the Fox News audience that is also made up of white people who feel like victims because their racism and bigotry are no longer tolerated in society.

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