Kevin McCarthy’s Pointless Rant Backfires And Annoys House Republicans


The longer Kevin McCarthy talks, the more annoyed and irritated the House Republicans behind him become.

The people seated behind McCarthy are supposed to be his cheering section. The Republicans are meant to serve as the fuel that keeps McCarthy fighting on.

Instead, they are checking their phones, looking away, and are appearing increasingly annoyed that Kevin McCarthy who ran out of things to say roughly two minutes after he began to speak, won’t shut up.

Hugo Lowell of The Guardian tweeted:

Speaker Pelosi’s Office summed up the general feeling about McCarthy’s stunt in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

We’re glad we’re not the only ones who can’t follow Minority Leader McCarthy’s meandering rant that has nothing to do with the Build Back Better Act.

Tonight, Kevin McCarthy previewed Republicans very best attacks against the deficit reducing, inflation crushing Build Back Better Act.

As he hopefully approaches the end, we’re all left wondering: does Kevin McCarthy know where he is right now?

McCarthy’s speech had nothing to do with Build Back Better. It was an incoherent pile of nonsense that showed the sort of unprepared leader that McCarthy is.

It is a guarantee that Saturday Night Live will cold open with this. Kevin McCarthy was that bad.

All that the Minority Leader accomplished was annoying everyone in earshot, including his own Republicans.

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