Kevin McCarthy’s Argument For Being Elected Speaker Hits A New Level Of Dumb


Kevin McCarthy argued that he should be elected Speaker of the House because no one else can win, and if Republicans don’t vote for him, it might result in a Democratic Speaker.

Video of McCarthy:

McCarthy said while meeting with reporters, “Is there anybody in the conference who can win? I don’t think that’s there, so we can go round and round, and someone will make a mistake and elect a Democrat, or we’re going to find a way to work together to be able to govern.”

One of Kevin McCarthy’s biggest problems is that all his arguments for why he should be speaker come off as arrogant, smug, and entitled.

Rep. McCarthy’s opponents argue that he doesn’t deserve to be rewarded with the speakership because he is the reason why they only have a four-seat majority instead of a red wave.

McCarthy really believes that he is going to wear down his opposition, but there isn’t going to be an accidental Democratic speaker. Given the fact that he has already lost three votes, Kevin McCarthy has demonstrated that he is the only person who can definitely lose.

Kevin McCarthy is grasping for any reason to stay in the election to be the next Speaker of the House, but he doesn’t have the votes, and his reasons for why he should get the job are becoming more idiotic with each passing hour.

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