Kevin McCarthy Tries To Pretend Like He Is A Regular Person In A Grocery Store And It Does Not Go Well


Having learned nothing from Dr. Oz,  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy took to the grocery store to lay out the GOP agenda for America.


McCarthy spends 15 seconds talking about how Americans are struggling to make it while standing in a grocery store. The video then transitions to images of violent crime and the border. McCarthy then made it sound like America is a hell hole by talking about drugs, inflation, and kids falling behind due to school closures that are not actually happening.

The House Minority Leader also falsely claimed that America is in a recession.

Republicans must have one heck of a plan to deal with all of these problems, right?

Kevin McCarthy never mentions a single Republican solution.

In fact, McCarthy’s solution is to give Republicans control of the House.

Videos of Republicans in grocery stores never go well. McCarthy, like Dr. Oz before him, just looks weird and out of place as he tries to impersonate a normal human being.

Part of the problem is that insecurity oozes from Kevin McCarthy. He isn’t believable as caring about people, and the fact that he spends most of the video not talking about the pocketbook issues that matter most to people drives that point home.

It would take an epic screw-up for Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans not to win the majority, but McCarthy has already killed the red wave, and terrible videos like this can only help the Democrats.

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