Kevin McCarthy Refuses To Drop Out As He Still Sees A Path To Being Speaker


Kevin McCarthy still thinks that he could be the next Speaker of the House as he made a major concession to his opponents. McCarthy is refusing to drop out.

Robert Costa of CBS News tweeted:

The House is going to adjourn until noon ET on Thursday which means that the possibility exists for a third day of no new congress being sworn in.

Rep. McCarthy made a major concession to those who are voting against him by promising not to participate in open seatHouse Republican primaries in safe Republican districts:

McCarthy is the biggest elected fundraiser on the House Republican side. What he has promised to do will allow more MAGA extremists to win House seats. McCarthy is agreeing to not fund moderate or establishment candidates that can defeat extremists in so-called safe Republican districts.

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The agreement that McCarthy made appears to be very foolish as if a MAGA candidate is extreme enough, it could open the door to Democrats flipping safe-Republican districts.

This concession is not enough to get Kevin McCarthy elected speaker. The big request that the Never Kevins want is for a single member to be able to call for a vote to fire the speaker at any time.

Kevin McCarthy is giving away all of his power in exchange for a chance to be the weakest Speaker of the House in modern American political history.

It still does not look likely that McCarthy will be able to cobble together enough votes without putting himself on the chopping block.

Kevin McCarthy has paralyzed the House because he refuses to step aside, and there is talk that if a resolution is not reached soon, this debacle could drag into next week.

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