Kevin McCarthy Claims Biden Is The Real Threat To The Soul Of America


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy claimed that President Biden, not MAGA fascists, is the real threat to the soul of America.

McCarthy tweeted:

McCarthy is the same person who was caught on recorded audio denouncing Trump for his role in the 1/6 attack during a call with House Republican leadership, so Kevin McCarthy has less than zero credibility.

The overturn of Roe has changed the midterm election, but Kevin McCarthy is still locked into running against Biden and inflation and borders. The election has shifted, but Kevin McCarthy is still running the same tired message.

No one outside of Donald Trump’s loyal base believes that Joe Biden is a threat to the soul of America. Unlike Trump, Joe Biden has stolen zero classified documents and led zero attempts to overthrow the United States government.

It is clear to the vast majority of Americans who the real threat is.

Kevin McCarthy knows the danger that Trump poses to America, but he continues to sell the nation out because he thinks carrying fascist water will make him the next Speaker of the House.

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