Kevin McCarthy Busted Talking Invoking The 25th Amendment On Trump


Newly leaked audio finds Kevin McCarthy talking about invoking the 25th Amendment to get Trump out of office.


It is telling that Kevin McCarthy didn’t reject invoking the 25th Amendment, because Trump didn’t deserve it, or it was unnecessary. McCarthy was on the call strategizing and logistically planning how he could get rid of Trump quickly.

The reason why he ruled out using the 25th Amendment on Trump was that the process takes too long.

The idea that McCarthy was exploring options to get rid of Trump then reversed course and saved Trump’s hide all the while knowing how the truth about the failed former president is troubling.

Kevin McCarthy put the country last and threw the United States under the bus because he is gambling that Donald Trump is his best bet to become Speaker of the House.

Rep. McCarthy knows that Trump should be gone, but he did something even worse than nothing. He intentionally made the worst choice possible for the country because he thinks that he will personally benefit.

Law enforcement needs to have some very long conversations with Kevin McCarthy about what was said when he visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago because something changed.

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