Kayleigh McEnany Immediately Humiliates Herself After Russia Invades Ukraine


Former Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany immediately tried to claim that Biden wasn’t on the job when Russia invaded Ukraine, and it did not go well.

McEnany tweeted:

Ukrainian President Zelensky delivered the answer to McEnany’s question:

Zelensky said, “A minute ago, I had a conversation with President Biden. The U.S. Has already started uniting international support.”

Joe Biden isn’t on the golf course or having a bedtime chat with a Fox News host. This is a concept that McEnany might not be familiar with, but President Biden is on the job.

The presidency has returned to being a 24/7 duty.

The world is facing a crisis. Ukraine needs their allies, and Joe Biden has their back anytime, day or night.

McEnany’s tweet was an act of self-humiliation from a person who participated in one of the biggest presidential failures in U.S. history and is now pretending that failure has become a success.

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