Kathy Griffin Mocks Kayleigh McEnany, Says Press Secretary Will Now Do Sexual Favors For Rudy Giuliani

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Trump-hating comedian Kathy Griffin claimed White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany would be reduced to doing sexual favors for Rudy Giuliani, if President Trump loses the election.

McEnany had shared a video of Biden supporters celebrating with zero social distancing and asked, “Where is @JoeBiden calling on the massive Super Spreader events held in his name to end?”

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Kathy Griffin’s Vile Attack On McEnany

A good point about Democrats and media hypocrisy, right?

Here is how Griffin replied, “Enjoy your new job as press secretary of the Rudy Giuliani YouTube channel. But remember, you’re going to have to give him a blow job at a hotel every time he asks for one.”

‘Never Forget Donald Trump Broke You’

Griffin’s bizarre insult didn’t go unnoticed. 

One person shot back,  “Never forget Donald Trump broke you @kathygriffin. When it mattered you weren’t brave. I don’t know why you try to talk so wrecklessly now.”

“It’s not about politics, it’s about watch a weak person TRY to put on a front,” the tweet continued. “Stop embarrassing yourself. You showed the real you.”

Another Twitter user who appeared to be a woman wondered why Griffin was so hateful to other women.

“Kathy Griffin you’re the lowest of the lowest,” the tweet read. “Kaleigh is an intelligent woman with excellent moral values, she’s a magnificent press secretary… speak for yourself having to resort to other means to get a gig… you bring shame to females all over the world with your words.”

Another woman said, “I don’t say this often, but you are literally the most hateful person I’ve ever seen. I used to be your biggest fan and I miss your comedy before you became so angry.”

The Left Becomes Sexist And Misogynistic When It Comes To Conservative Women

There were many tweets praising McEnany and condemning Griffin.

Do you ever notice that when it comes to successful conservative women, any pretense of feminism of feminist principles goes right out the window?

Some of the most sexist and misogynistic rhetoric comes from the left and is directed at high profile conservative women.

Take your pick, Amy Coney Barret, Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley, Sarah Huckabee Sanders…

And now Kayleigh McEnany is being reduced to the level of a prostitute by another famous WOMAN simply because she’s conservative and female.

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Imagine someone on the right saying something like this about Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jill Biden, or Nancy Pelosi?

You would never hear the end of it.

But there is no limit to how low Griffin is willing to go. Remember the stunt with the bloody mock Trump head that damaged her career and she ended up apologizing for?

She did it again after President Trump claimed he won the election.

If nothing else, the Trump era will be remembered as the time when the mask slipped.