Kari Lake Just Sunk To A New Level Of Pathetic


Failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is now using her conversations with UPS delivery people to argue that she didn’t lose in Arizona.

Lake tweeted:

Kari Lake thinks that the election in Arizona was pathetic because she lost. If Lake would have won the election, she would be calling it a triumph of democracy.

Since she lost, the election was rigged and stolen from her.

Kari Lake is a lot like that friend or family member that you used to play games with who would claim that their opponent cheated every time they lost. When they won, all was wonderful with the world, but when they lost, the video game controller was broken or their opponent cheated. They couldn’t handle the fact that they lost.

Lake is the most pathetic of all of the Trump candidates because she can’t seem to let it go. Herschel Walker lost and conceded. Dr. Oz lost and conceded, then immediately tried to get back on TV, but Kari Lake lost and won’t go away.

Now she is cornering UPS delivery people to complain about how she was robbed. The odds of there being a UPS delivery person who had the time to amble up to Kari Lake and share his feelings about her defeat are not good.

It is Christmas. UPS is busy, but Kari Lake is probably cornering them to rant about her defeat.


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