Judge Banned MSNBC, But Allowed Tucker Carlson Into A Secure Area To Film Kyle Rittenhouse Documentary


The same judge who banned MSNBC from the courthouse had no problem with allowing Fox News and Tucker Carlson into a secure area to film a Kyle Rittenhouse documentary.

CNN reported:

Rittenhouse’s defense attorney told CNN that he disagreed with the cameras in the secure area, but the documentary, a.k.a. Fox News and Tucker Carlson, were paying for his defense, “ I did not approve of that. I threw them out of the room several times. I don’t think a film crew is appropriate for something like this. But the people who were raising the money to pay for the experts and to pay for the attorneys were trying to raise money, and that was part of it.”

CNN also reported that the Carlson/Fox documentary crew got access to a secure area, “Some of these, Jim, some of the crews and people doing this were inside the courthouse and footage on the third floor where Kyle Rittenhouse was kept for security reasons, had a security team kept away from the public. Given access through the back area. Go upstairs and capture that footage as well in this documentary.”

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MSNBC got banned from the courthouse for a freelancer driving too close to the jury van, but Fox News gets special access to secure areas and the courthouse to film a documentary about Rittenhouse, and the judge has no problem with it.

Given these facts, it is clear why so many Americans feel that the Rittenhouse trial was a show trial where the prosecution never had a chance.

It certainly looks like the game was rigged and the scales of justice firmly tilted in the direction of Kyle Rittenhouse.

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