John Oliver Calls Out Republicans For Nonsense Defense Of Trump


HBO’s John Oliver said that he would not speculate or jump to conclusions on Trump’s possession of classified documents but called out the GOP’s nonsense defense of Trump.


Oliver said, “I am not going to speculate or jump to conclusions here because there is so much we don’t know, but many seem happy to do that with multiple Republicans likening the FBI to the Gestapo. Fox News trolling through the Facebook page of the judge who approved the warrant and showing a meme of his face on Jeffrey Epstein’s body, and still, others minimizing what Trump may have done.”

John Oliver played a clip of Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) saying, “There are a number of things that are (air quotes) classified that fall under the umbrella of nuclear weapons that are not necessarily things that are truly classified, and many of them you can find on your own phone.”

Oliver responded, “I don’t know what’s going on with that guy, but the way he’s clearing his throat lets me know that his body is reacting to the nonsense he’s spewing.”

Mike Turner is the same guy who admitted during a CNN appearance on Sunday that he would never take classified documents home, so even the people who are defending Trump admit that they would never do what he did.

Each detail in this story is more damning than the last, but Democrats aren’t jumping to conclusions or making pronouncements. Republicans have decided that Trump is innocent and have embraced all of Trump’s excuses as they claim that the documents were both declassified and planted.

Republicans are spewing nonsense and trying to create enough of a distraction to make this story go away before it comes back to haunt them in the midterm election.

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