John Fetterman Is Embarrassing Trump In Pennsylvania


Trump considers it an embarrassment that his handpicked candidate Mehmet Oz is getting crushed by John Fetterman in Pennsylvania.

Rolling Stone reported:

In recent weeks, some Trump allies have repeatedly flagged polling for the former president showing Dr. Oz down, at times by wide or double-digit margins, to his Democratic opponent. Trump has sometimes responded by asking advisers how someone who was that popular on TV for so long may be doing so poorly in the polls. 


This source adds that Trump’s “view is that it would be incredibly embarrassing for Oz if he loses to ‘that guy’ because he thinks so little of [Fetterman]. He thinks Fetterman is in poorer shape than Biden and has hidden in his basement more [than Joe Biden].” (The Democratic Senate nominee has been recovering from a stroke he suffered earlier this year, shortly before winning his primary.) 

Trump talking about how losing to Fetterman is an embarrassment for Oz is his way of distancing himself from the fact that he is the reason why Oz won the Republican Senate nomination in Pennsylvania. Without Trump swooping in at the last minute, Oz would have lost to David McCormick.

Trump’s surprise that Oz is doing so poorly because he was famous for being on TV sums up the failed former president’s entire criteria for endorsing candidates.

Donald Trump thinks that people are stupid, and they will vote for anyone they see on TV, and can’t understand why Pennsylvania voters are supporting a candidate in such large numbers who is not a celebrity, but an elected official and a lifelong Pennsylvanian.

The failed former president is coming to Pennsylvania for a rally with Oz and failing gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano on September 3rd.

Trump, the fake populist, is confused by a real blue-collar populist like John Fetterman.

Donald Trump is being embarrassed by John Fetterman, and his bad endorsements are likely to keep the Senate majority with the Democrats.

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