Joe Manchin Goes On Fox News And Calls Out Their Lies


Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) went on Fox News and called out the network’s “outright lies,” and asked if they were worried about Congress doing something good for America.

Video of Manchin on Fox News:

Harris Faulkner was completely set off when she tried to trash Manchin’s agreement with Schumer, and the Senator from West Virginia replied, “Harris, are you scared that we are going to do something good to help our country?”

Manchin called out Faulkner for using a report on the tax impact of The Reduce Inflation Act that was only written by Republicans, and when Faulkner said that Americans making less than $400,000 would see their taxes go up, Sen. Manchin said, “That’s wrong. That’s an outright lie.”

Not too many people thought that Sen. Joe Manchin would be the senator going on Fox News to blow up their lies, and Manchin is showing that all of the talk from some on the left about him leaving the Democratic Party and joining the Republicans was hyperbole.

Joe Manchin is a conservative Democrat, but he is a Democrat, and he was willing to go on Fox News and call out their lies to defend the agreement that he reached with Majority Leader Schumer that will do a lot of good for the American people.

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