Jim Jordan Melts Down As He Rants About The 1/6 Committee Coming For Mark Meadows


Jim Jordan melts down on Fox News while talking about the 1/6 Committee potentially criminally charging Mark Meadows.

This is so ridiculous. Mark Meadows didn’t do one thing wrong. He’s a good man who served our country and was the best chief of staff you could have. The idea they will do this– talk about having a chilling impact on the top advisor of the President Of The United States going forward what this means, it’s frightening where they want to go. But, this is where the Democrats are. They are focused so much on this January 6th, Commission because Maria, what else are they going to talk about?

 I mean, they are going to talk about inflation, the chaos on our borders, are they going to talk about the price of energy where we went from energy independence where now the president is begging OPEC to increase production? Now they are going on at 200-year precedent if the top advisor to the president has to come in and testify? It’s as wrong as it gets.

What Is Jim Jordan So Afraid Of?

If Mark Meadows did nothing wrong that he should have been sprinting to the 1/6 Committee to testify. The problem is that Meadows knows who Donald Trump was talking to and what they were talking about. One of the people who Trump was talking to on January 6th was Jim Jordan.

Jordan has been implicated in the coup plot to overthrow the government. If the committee gets to Mark Meadows, they will be getting very close to Jim Jordan.

Jim Jordan has a 1/6 Committee problem as the investigation is closing in on him.

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