Jim Jordan Doesn’t Want To Go To Jail As He Refuses To Say If He Will Cooperate With 1/6 Committee


In a telling moment, Rep. Jim Jordan dodged the question when asked about 1/6 Committee cooperation.


Jordan said on Fox Primetime:

We just got the letter today, Brian. We will review the letter. I have got honest with you. I have real concerns about any committee that will take a document and alter it and present it to the American people completely mislead the American people like they did last week and it turns out it looks like it wasn’t just one document they did this with. It was others, other text messages as well. I have got real concerns with that.

Jim Jordan clearly is worried about getting a subpoena and a criminal referral. The 1/6 Committee has scared Jordan enough because he is afraid that if he says no, he will be on the fast track to criminal prosecution and jail.

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