Jim Acosta Labels The Republican Party A National Emergency


CNN’s Jim Acosta said that the Republican Party is now a national emergency for the nation.

Video of Acosta:

Jim Acosta said on CNN, “On Friday, the Republican National Committee formally censured two of its own. The RNC describes the attack on the Capitol as quote legitimate political discourse. There was nothing legitimate about it. This is way worse than a violation of Reagan’s 11th commandment, thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican. This is a national embarrassment if one of the two parties is embracing violence as legitimate discourse. We owe it to one another to tell the truth. This is a national emergency. The Republican Party has now become a national emergency. The party has chosen its course. It will not be Ronald Reagan. Forget win one for the Gipper. It looks like they’re going with democracy’s Jack The Ripper.”

The Corporate Media Must Stop Pretending That This Is Politics As Usual

The Republican Party put their support for domestic terrorism and political violence to a vote. They went on the record. The record is in writing. The behavior of the Republican Party is not politics as usual, and if the corporate media and their Beltway reporters and pundits put this issue through their usual frame of partisan politics, they will be enabling the destruction of democracy.

Only One Party Supports Political Violence To Overturn An Election

The Republican Party continues to make its intentions clear.

America only has two political parties, and when one of those parties veers toward anti-democratic authoritarianism, that is a national emergency. Only one party thinks that attacking the Capitol is legitimate political discourse.

Jim Acosta was right. The Republican Party is a national emergency, and voters need to vote in November as if their country is at stake because it is.


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