James Carville Destroys Republicans For Standing With Herschel Walker


James Carville ran through the acts of domestic violence and child neglect that Herschel Walker is accused of and blasted Republicans.

Video of Carville:

Carville told Jim Acosta, “Child neglect, without asking for redemption, denying that his children exist, trying to choke one of their mothers, putting a gun to their head. You put Newt Gingrich’s picture up there? There’s something wrong with this. Something wrong. Any human being is flawed. Anybody can have a difficult decision vis-a-vis a pregnancy. If that’s fine with Scott Jennings and Newt Gingrich, that’s the modern Republican Party that should be exposed.”

After Republican strategist Scott Jennings said that both Walker and Warnock were flawed, Carville went off:

  There’s gradations of being flawed. Everybody is flawed. You’re telling me this man neglects his children and doesn’t acknowledge them, and that’s happened over time. Get real. Is there anything — any bottom to the Republican Party? Any bottom to somebody that they won’t support?

You trot Newt Gingrich, the great moral authority of all. And he has severe mental issues, he would be a great senator. I have sympathy for mental patients, they need to be given drugs and treated. They don’t need to be in the Senate. That’s an absurd argument. And it’s absurd to say we’re all flawed human beings and stop right there. That’s ridiculous. That’s a ridiculous argument.

Republicans are now going with that classic from the 2016 presidential election “both candidates” are flawed, so voters should choose the one that they view as the lesser of two evils.

Carville was correct. The argument is absurd. One candidate is running on family values but is a complete hypocrite. The other has served the nation well over the last two years.

There is no low. There is no bottom. The Republican Party will support anyone if they think it will help them gain power.

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