It Seems Like Trump Is Starting To Realize That He Could Be Criminally Indicted


A recent post on his social media sure reads like Donald Trump is realizing that he could be criminally indicted.

Trump wrote on Truth Social:

The Eric Holder/Obama disciple, Special “Prosecutor” Jack Smith (he’s no Jack Smith), has found NOTHING that I have done wrong or differently than other Presidents on the “Boxes Hoax” (Raid of Mar-a-Lago), including the fact that Presidents are PROTECTED under the Presidential Records Act, the Clinton Socks Case, & more. Now “Smith” is snooping around the PERFECT PHONE CALL I made to the Georgia Sec. of State challenging the corrupt Presidential Election results, my absolute right to do!

Trump’s post has a bit of all of the classics. Trump claims that he did nothing wrong, the boxes that he stole and the classified documents found in his office are a hoax and a wild reimaging of the law. The Presidential Records Act does not protect ex-presidents who steal classified information.

The former president shouldn’t be throwing around the Presidential Records Act because “The Presidential Records Act (PRA) changed the legal status of Presidential and Vice Presidential materials. Under the PRA, the official records of the President and his staff are owned by the United States, not by the President.”

The Presidential Records Act doesn’t mean what Trump thinks it means and mentioning it doesn’t to what Trump thinks it does.

The ex-president is attacking the Special Counsel for good reason. It appears that Smith is putting the pieces together on the broader Trump plot to overturn the election and the potential crimes that were committed.

Trump is rumored to be spending his time worried about the investigations and his attack on Smith was the first public sign that a criminal indictment is a real possibility.

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