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The difference between a purchase order and an invoice is that a purchase order is issued by the buyer and must be executed by the seller, while an invoice is issued by the supplier after executing a purchase order and must be paid by the buyer.

What is the PO in financing?

Purchase order financing is a cash advance that small business owners can receive on their purchase orders. With purchase order financing, a lender will pay your third party supplier up to 100% of the costs necessary to produce and deliver the agreed goods to your customer.

How long can a purchase order be financed?

Purchase Order Financing, also known as “PO Finance”, provides financing to businesses with purchase orders to pay their suppliers and smooth cash flow. Purchase order financing is therefore an efficient and popular option for companies that need a quick and efficient way to finance their purchase orders.

Can the purchase order be used as a guarantee?

Terms, Costs and Qualifications at a Glance
Amount Financed Up to 100% of Cost of Goods to Fulfill Purchase Order
Supplier Payment Term Up to 2 weeks for domestic transactions; up to 4 weeks on international transactions
Payment terms 90 days or less
Interest rate from 1.25% to 6% per month
3 additional lines

Do banks finance purchase orders?

Purchase orders cannot be considered as collateral assets to support the financing purchase order request. The requirements of conventional lenders are often strict and onerous. One of the many conditions is that the buy order size is large.

What documents are required to finance the purchase order?

By using purchase order financing, you are not required to take out a business loan from a bank. PO financing is a short-term financing option and can be financed up to 100%. It is available for small businesses, including startups.

How does a purchase order process work?

When requesting purchase order financing, you will need to provide the following information and documents:
Customer order form.
Invoice from your supplier to you.
Your invoice to the customer.
Financial statements: income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements.
Income statement.

What is a purchase order for invoicing?

A purchase order (PO) is an official document that a buyer sends to a seller. The Purchase Order commits Buyer to pay Seller for the Designated Products at a later date. The purchase order itself specifies the types and quantities of each product. Buy orders are beneficial for both parties involved.

How are purchase orders paid?

What is a Purchase Order Invoice? A purchase order invoice is an invoice with a purchase order attached. Essentially, these invoices are generated after a purchase order is approved. Purchase order invoices contain details of the goods or services purchased and a corresponding purchase order number.

What is Purchase Order Factoring?

Purchase orders are an agreement between a buyer and a seller specifying the items, quantities and prices of the products that the seller will subsequently supply to the buyer. After receiving the goods, the buyer will pay the seller, usually through invoice processing (see section 2.3 Invoice Processing).


Those who buy their products end up paying the PO finance company. Factoring occurs when a business receives an advance from a factoring company for unpaid invoices from another business or government entity for goods already produced or sold. The factoring company then receives payment for what you invoiced.


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