Industry Insight Webinar | 4 Intake Mistakes Law Firms Are Making

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4 Intake Mistakes Law Firms Are Making

June 30th, 2021 2:00-2:30 PM ET

Every law firm says their intake process is a constant battle. It’s something that most law firms say is a pain point. In this webinar, experts will reveal the results of a study about intake. We’ll discuss the biggest issues firms say they have with intake. We’ll dig into every aspect of the intake process. We’ll discuss how the best firms solve common intake problems, the technologies and integrations that will help, and the biggest challenges firms face with intake.

  • Ways to streamline your intake process
  • Improving intake immediately
  • The biggest challenges firms face as they attempt to get new leads
  • What to do with a bunch of good reviews once you get them

Speakers: McKay Allen, VP and Head of Marketing

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