In Moving Press Conference Moment, Ukrainian Journalist Thanks Biden For Keeping His Family Alive


The human realities of the war in Ukraine were brought to the White House as a Ukrainian journalist by thanking Biden for his support and saying that without US support, his family in Ukraine would not be here.


The journalist was called on by President Zelenskyy and said, “Thank you. President Zelenskyy and president Biden. Firstly, Ukraine, and I mean it, I want to thank the United States for supporting my country and, you know, my family is in Ukraine. I definitely understand they’ll not be alive today if America will not support my country both politically and militarily. So thank you for this.”

When right-wing extremist House Republicans like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene talk about cutting off aid to Ukraine, they are talking about allowing and enabling Putin to slaughter Ukrainians.

As Americans who celebrate are preparing for the holidays, the people of Ukraine are fighting for their lives and sitting in their homes wondering if they are going to be bombed.

Supporting Ukraine is democracy and human freedom. Anyone who wants to cut off aid to Ukraine is signaling their opposition to democracy and freedom.


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