House Republicans Sell Themselves Out To Putin As They Call Biden Weak


House Republicans are calling Biden weak after Russia invaded Ukraine while they helping Putin by refusing to support Ukraine.

House Republicans tweeted:

House Republicans Are Following Tucker Carlson And Refusing To Support Ukraine

According to a January 2022, Axios story:

Republicans running in high-profile primary races aren’t racing to defend Ukraine against a possible Russian invasion. They’re settling on a different line of attack: Blame Biden, not Putin.

Leery of the base, they are avoiding — and in some cases, rejecting — the tough-on-Russia rhetoric that once defined the Republican Party. GOP operatives working in 2022 primary races tell Axios they worry they’ll alienate the base if they push to commit American resources to Ukraine or deploy U.S. troops to eastern Europe.

House Republicans Are Intentionally Blaming Biden, Not Putin

By design, House Republicans are not blaming the autocrat who is trying to destroy a neighboring democracy. Instead, their plan is to not anger their pro-Putin base by blaming President Biden.

If this scheme sounds like House Republicans are selling themselves out to Russia, that’s because it is exactly what they are doing.

The Republican Party has become the Putin party and any candidate that is running in a Republican primary is risking alienating the party that used to take credit for winning the Cold War by standing up to Putin.

The Republican Party is now the party of Putin. Trump called Putin a genius for invading Ukraine, and House Republican cowards are attacking the President Of The United States, who is leading the world in a fight to save democracy.

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