House Democrats Make History By Passing $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill


House Democrats, after an entire day of negotiation, passed the infrastructure bill that will now be signed by President Biden.

The final vote was 228-206. 13 Republicans joined with Democrats in voting for the bill, and six House Democrats voted against it.

Earlier in the evening, President Biden released a statement urging the House to get it done, “I am urging all members to vote for both the rule for consideration of the Build Back Better Act and final passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill tonight. I am confident that during the week of November 15, the House will pass the Build Back Better Act.”

The deal was sealed when Progressive Caucus leader, Rep. Jayapal (R-WA) released a statement supporting the agreement:

It is estimated that the bill will create at least 800,000 new jobs.

The bill is historic. It will be the biggest single investment in US infrastructure in decades. It will create jobs, and it will make the country stronger.

The disappointing thing is that this agreement could have been made two months ago. There was no reason for progressives and moderates to hold up vital legislation out of mistrust of one another.

The good news is that the votes are in. The bill is going to President Biden’s desk, and Speaker Pelosi showed why she is one of the greatest House Speakers in US history.

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