House Democrat Says That George Santos Will Be Gone


Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) said that Rep. George Santos will be gone from the House. It is only a matter of when.

Video of Rep. Torres on CNN:

Torres told Jim Acosta, “Well, George Santos will be gone, it’s just a question of when. But George Santos has no shame, no limit to his pathological lying and lawbreaking. Every day, we learn about a new lie that George Santos has told or a new law that George Santos has broken. The latest revelation is that the Santos campaign had donors and names that were as fraudulent as the life story as George Santos himself. And House Republican leadership, which promised to drain the swamp refuses to call on George Santos to resign. And Elise Stefanick, the chair of the GOP conference, not only enthuse that’sicly endorsed but fundraises, she owes the people of New York an apology. The best hope for holding George Santos accountable is his attorney, and I suspect his only opportunity to stay is to have leverage for a plea bargain in the event of criminal prosecution.”

George Santos will be gone.

Since House Republicans refuse to do the right thing and expel him, the nation will be stuck with this corrupt criminal in an office that he should never have been elected to until he is criminally convicted.

Kevin McCarthy could do the right thing for the country and hold a vote to expel Santos, but the Speaker needs Santos’s vote, so he set a standard of a criminal conviction for Santos to be removed from office.

Rep. Santos will be gone, but the damage that he has done to House Republicans will linger on.

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