Herschel Walker Was An Even Bigger Disaster Than Anyone Realized


Herschel Walker was a scandal-riddled candidate who was even worse than what the public saw and rejected in Georgia.

NBC News reported that consultants hired by the Walker campaign found 500 pages of potential scandals after only two weeks of research:

In just two weeks, the firm assembled a 500-page dossier filled with possible business scandals, controversial quotes from Walker and allegations of domestic violence and bizarre behavior, according to four sources who had seen the oppo book.

“We found 500 pages in two weeks on you and God only knows what else is out there,” Chambers told Walker, according to one of the sources who overheard him discuss the book with Walker in a July meeting in the dining room of a Republican donor who lived in Atlanta’s Buckhead district.

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It is normal for any serious campaign to put in the research to figure out what in their candidate’s past might be used against the campaign, but 500 pages of potential scandals is unheard of.

If this is what his own people found in just two weeks imagine what wasn’t found, and then think about what would have happened if this man would have somehow been elected to the Senate.

Walker was so unable to stay on message that the campaign sent him out for interviews on Fox News with a handler like Lindsey Graham or Ted Cruz to make sure that he wasn’t allowed to talk that much and that someone remembered to ask for money.

Herschel Walker was a total disaster as a candidate. The Republican Party knew this and still tried to get him elected to the Senate.

America dodged a bullet when Georgia voters decided to reelect Raphael Warnock and send Herschel Walker back to Texas.

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