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Here are some of our top picks for the most exclusive product design.
Etienne Louis Espresso Machine. Created by Swiss designer Carlo Borer, this bad boy look has a bit of a Death Star vibe to it. .
iPod Touch bedding. .
Tekio Modular Lighting. .
3D fetus. .
The Open. .
Cara mug with cookie holder. .
Dragon leather backpack. .
Luminous shoe.

What are good ideas for new products?

22 new product ideas to consider
Air fryers. .
Air quality devices. .
Home fitness equipment. .
Baby products. .
Candles. .
Cannabis products. .
Car accessories. .
Mobile phone accessories.

What are the best products for students?

15 products every student needs before college
Mesh shower bag. .
Bamboo desk. .
Alarm clock with Bluetooth speaker. .
Storage boxes. .
Duvet without cover. .
Erasable kers. .
On the door shelf. .
Noise canceling headphones.

What are the innovative ideas for students?

26 innovative student ideas that will blow your mind!
A flashlight with an extra bulb. .
Wheelchair convertible into crutches. .
Pen to check concentration. .
Bulb/CFL extractor/fitting. .
Multi-colored earphone cables. .
Adjustable electrical extension box. .
Tilting ceiling fan with automatic blades for easy cleaning.

Where can I find new product ideas?

10 ways to generate new product ideas in
Harness your old ideas to create new product gems.
Host an old-fashioned brainstorming session.
Think add-ons.
Look at real-life examples.
Follow industry influencers.
Follow customer trends.
Dive into social media.
Visit kets.

What new products can be launched?

Top 15 New Products You Need to Know
Hidden Cameras
Rainbow Cutlery
Biomagnetic Ear Stickers for Weight Loss
St Personal Air Cooler
Diamond Ice Tray
Reusable Straws
Wooden Alarm Clock.
Feather Baby Wings.

What can I sell in ?

Hottest niches in
Travel accessories.
Health and beauty products.
Hobbies and crafts.
Lamps and lampshades.

What products do students need?

1: Study table.
2: LED desk lamp and LED neck reading light.
3: Sunrise alarm clock.
4: Earplugs and noise canceling headphones.
5: Flashcards and sticky note set.
6: 5 Subject Spiral Notebook.
7: Laptop bag.
8: Study desk and reading pillow.

What can I sell to college?

T-shirts and sweatshirts with the university logo.
Energy drinks.
Tickets to clubs and bars for student parties. Used books.

What do university students buy the most?

College students are estimated to spend nearly $10 billion on clothing for the – school year.


The 3 types of innovation: product, process and business model


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