George Santos Called A Danger To National Security By Fellow Congressman


Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) called Rep. George Santos (R-NY) a danger to democracy and national security.

a href=”″>Rep. Torres wrote in an NBC News piece:

It boggles the mind how anyone who has methodically misled the public to this magnitude could be trusted to exercise the duties of his congressional office in good faith. Every American should worry about the risk of Santos having access to classified information — and what he might do with it.

The presence of this man in Congress is a danger to our democracy and national security, a disgrace to this institution, and a major distraction from the pressing problems that are far more worthy of our time, energy and attention. It’s time for Santos to recognize that he cannot serve the public he defrauded. His ability to govern has been weakened by a complete collapse of credibility.

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The nation only has to look to the recent past to understand what can happen when a thief and fraudster has access to classified information. Donald Trump didn’t just leak classified information regularly. He also stole it and refused to give it back. It is still unknown what Trump planned to do with the classified documents that he stole, but putting classified information in the hands of someone like George Santos is a danger to the country.

Speaker McCarthy tries to change the subject to anything else when asked about Santos because, with just a tiny four-seat majority, he needs Santos’s vote. McCarthy should have done the right thing and refused to seat George Santos, but this is a speaker who won’t disclose what secret deals he made to gain power, so it is a fantasy to believe that he would ever do the right thing.

George Santos is more than a sideshow. He is a threat to national security, and it speaks volumes about the priorities of House Republicans that they are keeping him around.

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