George Santos Appears To Be Charging For Tours Of The Capitol


George Santos isn’t a member of the House yet, but his grift appears to have already started.

Santos is already under criminal investigation for defrauding the voters of New York’s third district. A tour of the Capitol grounds from team Santos isn’t something that people/constituents usually pay for. Tours of the Capitol are free.

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Watching the swearing-in ceremony is also not something that is a premium event that requires a political donation.

In the frontrunner for the least surprising story of 2023, George Santos is already monetizing his congressional career.

The House Republican caucus has quite a few grifters, celebrity seekers, and charlatans, but George Santos is quickly moving to the head of the pack. Much like Madison Cawthorn, Santos appears to be treating his election to Congress as an opportunity to live the high life, and just like the plagued with legal issues soon to be former Rep. Cawthorn, the House career of George Santos may also be brief.

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