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When the working capital is higher than the BFR, the business manager is serene: his cash flow is positive, he can pay his expenses and develop.

What is a company’s working capital?

Definition of working capital

Working capital is the sum of cash and other current assets available to a business after deduction of all current liabilities.

How was working capital calculated?

The working capital (FR) calculation method is as follows: FR calculation = (own capital + medium and long-term borrowed capital) – fixed assets. So once calculated, you can have a: Positive working capital = surplus resources.Nov

FR and BFR interpreter comment?

Net cash is sold by FR after absorption of BFR. If the FR covers the BFR, it is positive. The surplus is found in cash (excess cash in a bank account). If the FR does not cover the BFR, the cash flow is negative.

What is the Routing Crate for?

The working capital makes it possible to check whether the minimum financial balance is respected, we will say that stable employees are well financed by sustainable resources. This is a rule of common sense and caution.

Why must BFR be negative?

The kiss on working capital is negative

A kiss on negative working capital is good news for the entrepreneur, which means kissing treasuries for finance is a difference between cash out and cash in.

When is the BFR positive?

positive BFR mounts a kiss of short-term financing. This means that your trade receivables and your inventory are greater than your trade payables, i.e. you pay your suppliers before being paid yourself by your customers.

What’s the fr?

Working capital (FR) or overall net working capital (FRNG) is an essential variable highlighted in the financial policy of a company. Authorization to check the balance of its financial structure.

What is the difference between FR and BFR and TN?

For the difference between its components, it is the difference between the positive cash (positive bank bonds and VMP, collocation securities) and the negative cash (bank overdrafts) For the difference between the rolling funds (FR) and the working capital requirement (WCR).

What is BFR compatibility?

The working capital requirement (WCR) is the amount a business does not need to finance its operation. It is therefore a financial indicator in the management of companies.


This therefore means not that they have a need but a resource. Negative WCR is also called “working capital resource”. For these companies, WCR is not a recurring problem since they do not have to worry about financing trade receivables and their stocks.


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