Fox News And Tucker Carlson Play Word Games To Deny Paying Off Kyle Rittenhouse


Fox News is denying that they and Tucker Carlson paid for special exclusive access to Kyle Rittenhouse.


CNN reported:

 Fox News has said in a statement here neither Fox News channels “Tucker Carlson Tonight” paid for any access, footage rights, legal fees. His defense attorney did tell us in the same vein that you heard from Rittenhouse’s statement in that clip that he wishes he didn’t have to do what he did in August of 2020, resulting in the deaths of Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum. 

The people behind me, this is what’s left of the crowd that just finished a March around Kenosha. They even took a knee in the spot where Huber and Rosenbaum had been shot and killed. The message from one of the speakers was that what Rittenhouse did in this verdict makes it’s so much harder for this community and this state to heal and to feel empathy and the humanity in each other. 

Fox News And Tucker Carlson Aren’t Denying The Actual Allegation

Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer never said that Fox and Carlson directly paid his client. Here is what he told CNN, “I did not approve of that. I threw them out of the room several times. I don’t think a film crew is appropriate for something like this. But the people who were raising the money to pay for the experts and to pay for the attorneys were trying to raise money, and that was part of it.”

The documentary was part of the deal from someone else to get Rittenhouse experts and cover other expenses, so a third party paid Rittenhouse and made exclusive access for Fox News and Tucker Carlson part of the agreement.

Fox News and Carlson didn’t have to pay Rittenhouse. Someone else paid on their behalf. No matter who the money went through, the deal stinks of unethical impropriety.

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