Former Trump White House Press Secretary Demolishes Claims That Mar-a-Lago Is Secure


Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham wrecked the claims by Trump and his defenders that Mar-a-Lago is secure.

Video of Grisham:

Grisham told CNN’s Jim Acosta when asked if Mar-a-Lago was a safe place to store classified documents:

Absolutely not. Mar-a-Lago, when we were down there, despite it being called the winter white house, it was a membership club first and foremost. Members could bring guests. There was very little vetting. I know that the president’s current lawyers are saying it’s this very secure property, but that’s just not true. A teenager got on property once just to see if he could do it. Of course, we had that Chinese national who got on the property one time. 

You go down to that beach area, and anybody can access Mar-a-Lago from the beach. There is Secret Service there, but they’re just looking for weapons. They’re not checking IDs, they’re not seeing who’s coming. So Mar-a-Lago is honestly probably one of the worst places I can imagine it being of all the Trump properties.

So much for the defense that Trump’s lawyer is pushing that Mar-a-Lago is very secure.

Mar-a-Lago should never have housed top secret documents. Sticking top secret documents in the basement of a club that has people roaming in and out each day.

Trump for profit private club is not secure. It wasn’t secured when he was president and it is even less secure now that he is not. As Grisham said, anyone can get on to the Mar-a-Lago grounds from the beach.

The FBI acted with urgency because they had no choice. Trump stole classified information and kept it in an unsecured area, and Grisham’s description emphasizes the situation’s urgency.

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