Exposing Ginni Thomas Is One Of The Last Great Patriotic Acts Of The 1/6 Committee


The 1/6 Committee showed the state of mind of Ginni Thomas by releasing text messages that can at best be described as conspiratorial.

Thomas texted to Mark Meadows:

Let’s take a deep breath and slowly read the text from Ginni Thomas. The wife of a sitting Supreme Court justice claimed that Biden, his family, journalists, and others had been arrested and were being detained on military barges outside of GITMO so that they could face a military tribunal for sedition.

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The problem is that being deranged and believing conspiracy theories is not a crime.

None of what Thomas texted was true or based on reality. The only potential sedition being committed was carried about by people like Ginni Thomas who were working to overturn an election that Donald Trump lost.

Anyone in the media who takes Ginni Thomas seriously or promotes her as a power player is exposing themselves and their biases. Ginni Thomas sounds like a dangerous crackpot. She is also a symbol of the intellectual rot within the Republican Party.

GITMO barges and conspiracy theories have replaced intelligent and principled conservativism.

The Republican Party has been overtaken by intellectual root rot. Donald Trump is the most toxic manifestation, but he is not the originator.

One of the most important acts that the 1/6 Committee did for the nation was going beyond investigating the Capitol attack to expose the dangerous anti-democratic conspiratorial mentality of Ginni Thomas and other enablers who participated in the attempted destruction of democracy for Trump.

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