Eric Swalwell Takes On Tucker Carlson For Inciting Threats And Violence


Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) called out Tucker Carlson for using his platform to incite threats and violence.

Video of Rep. Swalwell:

After CNN’s Jim Acosta played a voicemail from a Tucker Carlson viewer to the California congressman, Rep. Swalwell said:

 This is the Tucker Carlson effect where you see a straight line from Tucker Carlson lying about me, inciting his viewers, and then aiming them at me, where this caller references Tucker Carlson from the very get of this call that he was just watching Tucker Carlson. And I have confronted Tucker a number of times about this. I’ve told him that his lies have led to death threats against me, against my family. 

And the fact that he continues to lie about me and so many others shows that this is what he wants, that he wants his viewers to unleash this type of venom at his targets. And I’m just afraid, Jim, we’re going to see more and more political violence in this country as long as Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson are unleashing their hateful propaganda out into the ether. 

Tucker Carlson’s Old Time White Supremacy Hour Is Inciting Threats And Violence.

Tucker Carlson doesn’t want to debate the issues. Carlson beneath a thin disguise of conservatism, doesn’t advocate for conservative policies. Tucker Carlson’s only goals are to spread fear, demonize, and divide based on race.

It is important to remember where Tucker Carlson was before he became the media voice of white supremacy. Carlson had been fired by every other cable network and was one of the weekend couch sitters on Fox and Friends.

Carlson only got a shot in primetime because the sexual harassment scandal had cleaned out everyone else.

White supremacy, conspiracy theories, and hate have been Carlson’s ticket to media stardom on the right.

Rep. Swalwell was right. Tucker Carlson is inciting threats and violence, and he is putting people in danger.

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