Eric Swalwell Says Kevin McCarthy Knows He’s Inciting Death Threats


Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said that the lies and smears against him that are being spread about him by Kevin McCarthy are inciting death threats.

Video of Swalwell on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

Rep.Swalwell was asked by MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace why he was stripped of his committee assignments, and he answered:

Well, political vengeance. Kevin McCarthy seems to want to heat up the leftovers of a story that goes back to Barack Obama’s first term, FBI has said three different times that in a rare form, they never talk about investigations, that all I did was help them, never suspected of wrongdoing.

The consequence of his claims is not just that I’m on the company, he’s weaponized the intelligence committee, it inspires these death threats. People parrot what Kevin McCarthy is saying when they call and make the threats. So he knows that. We told this to him. I have told this to him. I have, you know, publicly broadcast to him when you do this, it leads to threats to me, my wife, and our kids. Recently someone said they were going to rape and kill my children. And they were using the language that Kevin McCarthy was using. There is a cost to all of this.

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Wallace asked, “What does he say when you tell him that?”

Swalwell answered, “He doesn’t care. He wants to focus on, you know, carrying out the vengeance that he has promised in this corrupt bargain. He won’t even stop and talk to me when I have tried to talk to him.”

Kevin McCarthy doesn’t care if his lies incite death threats against a fellow member of the House and his family because he has a deal to uphold with Donald Trump and the far-right members of the House who made him speaker.

McCarthy stripped Swalwell of his committee assignments because he is suing Donald Trump for the 1/6 attack.
Kevin McCarthy knows he is putting the lives of Eric Swalwell’s small children at risk, and he doesn’t care.

That is what the Republican Party has become.

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