Eric Swalwell Posts DMs From Man Radicalized By Tucker Carlson Who Threatened To Shoot Him


Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) posted direct messages to him from a man who threatened to shoot him who was radicalized by Tucker Carlson.

Swalwell tweeted:

After Twitter was unable to track down the name of the person who sent the DM’s, Rep. Swalwell replied and engaged in conversation with the man who admitted that he had radicalized into threatening Swalwell by watching Fox News and Tucker Carlson.

The man ended up apologizing to Rep. Swalwell and said that he was embarrassed by the way he behaved.

Tucker Carlson Is Radicalizing People To Violence With Lies And Misinformation

Tucker Carlson has been out to get Rep. Swalwell ever since the California Congressman stopped returning his texts. 

The point of publishing this interaction one assumes is to show how dangerous Tucker Carlson and his lies and misinformation are. Rep. Swalwell is married with a young family, and Carlson is placing them in grave danger with his misinformation.

Tucker Carlson and the Fox News lie machine are the main cogs in the radicalization of the right. The people that are being radicalized aren’t being turned into motivated voters. The radicalized are the people who attacked the Capitol and who threaten elected officials with violence and death.

People like Tucker Carlson are not just dangerous to democracy, but their lies will get more people killed.

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