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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said that Trump may have jeopardized national security with his mishandling of classified documents.

Video of Warren:

Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:

BASH: The affidavit points to potential obstruction of justice and mishandling government documents. Given what we have learned this week, do you see evidence that the former president committed a crime? And, if so, do you think Attorney General Merrick Garland should charge him?

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA): Look, I am deeply alarmed about what we’re learning, because it’s not only about whether or not Donald Trump broke the law, but it’s that he could be putting our national security at risk. He could be putting the lives of individual people who work for the United States at risk.

But I think it’s powerfully important that we give the Justice Department the space to follow the evidence wherever it leads, without fear or favor. If they have the evidence, they will bring the charges and prosecute appropriately. And I support them in that.

Democrats Refuse To Politicize The DOJ Investigation

House and Senate Democrats have followed the lead of President Biden and the White House in not commenting or getting involved in the DOJ’s investigation of Trump’s handling of classified documents.

Republicans are seeking to take the investigation from a national security issue to a partisan political issue because if the discussion moves to partisan politics from national security, it becomes easier to take the focus off of the facts and the investigation.

Sen. Warren was correct the issue is the potential jeopardizing of national security and the lives of people working with the United States to gather intelligence around the world.

Democrats seem to be intending to send the powerful message that Trump’s behavior is a national security risk while allowing the Justice Department to do its job with the investigation.

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